Finally, a blog about chocolate. Chocolate is often filled with excess sugar, fillers, substitutes and other harmful ingredients. After research, I found a chocolate company that provides great chocolate without all of the unhealthy additives. Sweet eats chocolate is pure and delicious. The background behind this chocolate is quite interesting.


“Sweet Eats is the first and only company to create a 100% Plant based dark, mylk and white chocolate that is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, refined sugar free as well as Paleo and Vegan! Together, as husband and wife, we have mastered the art of creating decadent dark chocolate, creamy mylk chocolate and buttery white chocolate from 3 simple plant-based ingredients. Our chocolate is reminiscent of traditional old school chocolate but is packed full of healthy nutrients and melt in your mouth delicious flavor! “


Next time you are craving some great chocolate, consider ordering from Sweet eats. Order your chocolate here.